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Night has fallen.
The Republic of legend is no more.
Its valiant defenders are nought but ashes in the tempest of destiny.

You are the Skywalker, the last of the once gallant Jedi Knights and an officer in the fledgling Rebel Alliance.
Your choices will shape the future of the galaxy.

Will you topple the evil Galactic Empire and bring about a new age of freedom or will you join the dark side of the Force and henceforth rule with an iron fist?

A billion years in the making

Star Wars Union Star Wars Union

With Star Wars™: Union, we're pushing the boundaries of video game graphics. Here you can see internationally acclaimed actor Mark Hamill (left) and our rendering of Star Wars™: Union's male avatar, a rejuvenated version of Hamill himself.

Never in the history of video games has technology captured the human essence in so realistic a fashion.

The previews are in

"If you loved Willow, you will look at this and think: Huh?"

- Fantasy Tribune

"The graphics are literally out of this world. A spectacle lightyears ahead of its time."

-Graphics Hourly

"Not since Flash Gordon has a universe held so much adventure."


Star Wars Union Star Wars Union Star Wars Union
Star Wars Union Star Wars Union Star Wars Union

"It's Wing Commander's Academy Award-winning Mark Hamill in his biggest outing yet."

- Playstation Daily

"John Carter meets He-Man."

- Movie Journal

"Laserswords! It's actually got laserswords!"

- Fanboy Review

Star Wars™: Union

A quantum leap in video games from Protovision.

Star Wars™: Union awaits


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