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Lucas Fraud George Lucas's Star Wars Fraud
Worshipped by legions of devoted fans, the mastermind behind the greatest movie ever made is now revealed to be the most insidious con-artist in entertainment history.
Bigfoot Interviewed Bigfoot Revealed
Hunted, abused, and often times ridiculed, the legendary woodland creature finally joins us for an in-depth interview. Better pack an extra box of Kleenex, for this one's a tear-jerker!
Obama Connection Question of the Month: Is Obama the Son of Satan?
awkweird magazine's Senior Satan Correspondent Karl Rove with an answer that may surprise you!
The Spaghetti Conspiracy The Spaghetti Tree Conspiracy
Recently revealed CIA documents show: The fabled Spaghetti Tree, uncovered by the BBC in 1957, was the real reason for the JFK murder!
The Left Way Doing it the Left Way
It's time to say goodbye to right-hand traffic. After 200 years of Napoleonic domination, Europe makes the left choice!
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Barbie and Ken The Barbie and Ken Story
In this special report, we look at the darker side of a life of fame, wealth and power. Better brace yourself, for she's had it rough.
Yeti Return of the Yeti
The biggest cover-up in science history engineered by Dalai Lama, Chinese officials say.
Dan Brown The Dan Brown Code
Bestselling author Dan Brown is fending off accusations placing him at the very heart of a global conspiracy. Through his novels he is said to have brainwashed his readers into a life of eternal service to his Templar overlords.
Ku Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan caught off guard by Jewish Jesus
After recently discovering that Jesus was in fact a Jew, the Ku Klux Klan is now desperately searching for a new core policy to replace its earlier advocacy of an aryan Christian nation. A Klan leader told Fox News: "My faith is completely shattered, but who could have known?"
Spielberg Mooning all mankind: The Spielberg Con
He has been christened the greatest movie maker of modern day Hollywood. Now a 2 minute video shows him to have been the man who faked the moon landing.
Reconciliation Congress to vote on Reconciliation Bill
In the wake of partisan turmoil over President Obama's Health Care Reform, the junior Senator from Maine has introduced a bill advocating immediate reconciliation with the United Kingdom and a reintegration into the motherland.
Intelligent Life Evidence for intelligent life
The controversial internet community phenomenon Twitter has recently helped to uncover incontrovertible evidence for intelligent life in...
Bielefeld Discovery Channel disproves existence of Bielefeld
After decades of doubt and mystery, there is now irrefutable proof that the German town was just a propaganda invention of the Nazis.
Loch Ness The true Loch Ness monster
Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev claims to have discovered that Nessie is in fact a secret Soviet missile system deployed to Loch Ness during the 1950s.
Acid Rain The next 9/11 has already started!
According to a top secret MI:6 report, al-Qaida has been poisoning US forests for the past five years using ultratoxic dihydrogen monoxide.
'Unleaning Tower Leaning Tower of Pisa kicked straight
Having been in danger of collapse, the Pisa landmark was straightened up by one of the legendary roundhouse kicks of world famous martial arts expert Chuck Norris.
Ban April Fools' Day EU plans to ban April Fools' Day
In order to protect April Fools' victims from physical and mental injury, EU bureaucrats want to ban April Fools' Day altogether. Across Europe 1138 hoaxees were committed to mental institutions in 2009 alone.

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